The Classroom is a space for thoughts and sensitive experiences, translating complexity into tangible and meaningful stories.

We believe that inherent human qualities are part of the natural process of learning and decision making. Sensuality, diversity, personality, intimacy, beauty, variability and interdisciplinarity are part of the aim to extend the conversation about digital transformation to a meaningful and human discourse. The Classroom functions therefore as community hub that draws from the arts and sciences, not only for the intellectual, but also for the emotional impact. The sessions held in the Classroom are realized within an international network of economists, philosophers, scientists and artists: to bring a global point of view to our future with the tools of the very now.

Starting with the right questions is fundamental to address diverse people.

Technology & Politcs 1 Event

Do we live in a world, where everybody has the same rights?

Good Bots. Bad Bots. Computational communication and what it does.

Finance & Humanity 1 Event

Does money have value?

There is A new Money in Town: Trust

Public Space & Profit 1 Event

To whom belongs the airspace above your head?

Winner & Loser: The War of the Airspace in 2017

Technology & Sports 1 Event

Is eSports real Sports?

Tech Open Air Satellite: Building Opinion on eSports.

Gobalization & Individualism

Does the common good take priority over individual need and choice?

Beauty & Efficiency

Is efficiency the highest form of beauty?

Emotion & Design

Can we design emotions like others design real products?

Escapism & Tourism

Should everybody have a chance to escape in order to ‘find’ oneself?

Love & Business

Can you fall in love with a company?

  • Tech Open Air Satellite: Building Opinion on eSports. Technology & Sports

    Date: 11 July 2017 Start: 7:30 PM CEST Register Now Share Event Computer and video games are part of the Olympic Games 2022. More than 10.000 „Athletes“ will take part in the global event. However, a simple question arises: Are video games real sport? In order to be able to answer it, we might have to experience it ourselves.

    During the evening event we will explore eSports through a live demo on an a 270° screen wall and have a close conversation with experts from Schalke 04, VFL Wolfsburg, as well as advanced thinkers in the fields of health and technology.

    Doors are open for everyone, who is willing to partake in the public opinions exchange.

  • Good Bots. Bad Bots. Computational Communication and what it does. Technology & Politics

    We do not believe that algorithms are the digital arm of politics. However, social bots strongly change our basic concept of opinion, communication and interaction with people. This results in so many questions about quantity and quality processes that we strive to put them first. What should we do, if the initial question is pending? We involve experts who have already asked the most important questions.

    After Work Format, 4 hours
    Limited to 25 participants
    3 Speakers
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  • There is A new Money in Town: Trust Finance & Humanity

    Strongly growing parallel systems are putting pressure on the field of money transactions. Banks are still part of the equation, but user-friendliness, market power and social transformations offer alternatives. The track record of Alibaba, for example, currently grants credit for algorithmic or personal assessment. Is the statement correct, that money has also to do with trust? Within the question of ethical principles, there is also the question of the transaction systems of tomorrow.

    After Work Format, 4 hours
    Limited to 25 participants
    3 Speakers
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  • Winner & Loser: The War of the Airspace in 2017 Public Space & Profit

    The airspace above the cities will be politically renegotiated in 2017, and an international IT-scene is already beginning to be economized. Start-Up Nights and races shoot up like mushrooms from the ground. The new airspace will soon affect all areas of our society: dynamic and the less controlled. And, in doing so, it entails extensive economic, political, legal and cultural questions - to whom does Heaven belong?

    After Work Format, 4 hours
    Limited to 25 participants
    3 Speakers
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Combining spacial and human qualities in a fixed location in the centre of Berlin.

The Classroom is located right in the middle of Berlin, directly at Pariser Platz, the interface between politics, society and economy.

Personality and technology are intertwined: a 270 ° HD panoramic view of the world, 38-bit channel sound and a light-protected space allow for a full immersion into the worlds of media.

The Classroom is based on a global network of over 200 experts from IT, finance, mobility, health, urban development and urbanity. They meet here to foster global impact through science and arts.

Connect with us to join the journey.

Classroom is proudly presented by TRIAD - a Berlin based agency specialized on spacial communication and immersive experience design. The Classroom innovation project focuses on future meeting spaces and media based workshop formats, drawn by technology, methodology and expertise. Join the journey as partner or attendee and connect with us now or find your  direction to the Classroom Berlin.

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